Remote Hiring

YO HR CONSULTANCY lends you a helping hand to offer the best remote/ virtual employees for all your staffing needs in India and also across the globe. Prior to connecting them to you, we ensure that they are timely-committed, dedicated and as professional to the work as per your needs for the same.

Our Belief

YO HR is a firm believer of recommending the most qualified of all candidates from our matchless database, to conform to the expertise, knowledge and credentials required by clients for their remote or virtual staffing requirements not only in India, but at any place all over the world. With the help of such a flexible workforce, companies can rise to the ever-increasing demands of their business expansions and succeed in them. It also proves to be advantageous to corporate offices as they are made available talented professionals at affordable costs as compared to the salaries they pay to their in-house employees.

YO HR- Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing Services prides itself in setting the highest standards for that perfect match of skill sets and experience levels required for your specifications of professionals, as far as offering remote or virtual staff is concerned. The candidates that we propose are checked for their authentic identities and recommendations from reliable sources. This is done to ensure that when you connect with them, you are saved the hassles of re-checking all important and necessary facts about them. You can simply go ahead with the work schedules planned and reach out for your set work- goals with added inspiration from these talented specialists, who are bound to add value to their outputs. After all, they, being selected specifically for your important projects, will necessarily be technologically sound and technically efficient in order to measure up to your advanced IT processes.



The other benefit of connecting with YO HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. for your Virtual/ Remote Staffing requirements is that by hiring virtual staff, your overhead expenditure is reduced because even a small area will suffice for your office without the added expenses of furniture and fixtures. Utility payments will be reduced as well.


Thus, for all your Virtual Employee needs, Team Plus is always at your service, as we provide specialized IT remote / virtual staffing services all over India and the world. We are just a phone call away!

Benefits of Remote/ Virtual IT Staffing to Companies



Saves Time & Money

Companies are saving time and money which would otherwise have been necessary for their office-space, furniture and fixture

Reduce Overhead Cost

YO HR helps companies reduce their overhead costs through its remote/ virtual staffing services

Increases Productivity

Companies have the advantage of gaining access to candidates all over India.
Qualified remote or virtual employees, once being assigned their duties, work responsibly at a pace comfortable to them; that which conforms to the time and deadline of the client companies. This increases their productivity as there is a sense of liberty within them; not being confined within the walls of corporate offices, with time-bound work hours and constant supervision of seniors

Higher Profits

Virtual employees help companies in posting higher profits for the companies they work for as compared to a situation with regular on-board employees, as the former need to keep proving themselves to continue working