Independent Reference Checks

Fortify your hiring decisions

The cost of a wrong hire can significantly set back an organization in terms of brand, resources, progress and morale.

We help our clients fortify decisions on critical hires with our specifically designed offering – Independent Reference Checks.

Our checks are unbiased and confidential. Our process is legally vetted and helps to bring out an otherwise hard-to-get picture, closest to reality.

How Does It Work?



Client Briefing

We receive the candidate's CV & key probe areas from the client


Independently Identified Referees

We identify referees from our trusted and speak confidentially to them

Candid Conversations

We cover a standard set of questions on performance, integrity, etc. as well as key probe areas from the client

Social Media Check

We check social media for any discriminatory or concerning content



Advisory Note

Based on all our findings, we compile an Advisory Note that is qualified by our collective wisdom

Confidential Report

We present you with an auditable report in 3-5 days