Permanent Recruitment

You know, having talented employees is really important for any company. That's why it's so important to pick the right person for the right job by having a good hiring process and showing what working at your company will be like. While your HR team can focus on keeping employees happy and making them want to stay, companies that are always hiring, like us, can be really helpful partners in matching people's skills and personalities with the jobs and your company culture. YO HR Consultancy has experience with all kinds of talent and knows how to find people, so they can help meet your needs for permanent staffing. Also, we use really advanced Applicant Tracking Software to make sure the hiring process goes smoothly for candidates from when we first reach out until we send the offer letter. It also lets us give clients reports on how the openings are going.

Our success and visibility across the world highlight our dependability regarding permanent staffing solutions.

How do we engage in Permanent Recruitment?

Permanent recruitment requires reliable candidates with an attitude and career goal that aligns with that of the organisation. Unlike temporary recruitment, the permanent ones need to associate with numerous factors apart from qualification, skill and experience:



Permanent staff is hired for long-term goals and objectives enabling process continuity and consistency and we understand that. Hence, we review the stability of the candidates and their career outlook before we propose their candidature to the client for Permanent Recruitment.




To ensure productivity in an organisation, candidates going to be hired for permanent recruitment need to align with the culture of the organization. We ensure this alignment by conducting workshops with the clients to get a deeper understanding of the culture of our clients and then assessing the candidate with this background. This also leads to loyalty, making the advantage two-fold.


New minds, fresh perspectives and experience can accelerate the growth of the Organization and a new recruit brings it all when he feels welcomed and a part of the organization. We are workforce management experts, not just stop as permanent recruitment, we continue to stay in touch with the “now” employee to make sure he is settled in the new environment and being taken care of. This is a part of our SOP.



We specialize in maintaining the balanced diverse workforce in lines with the global standards which includes diversity in gender, skillset, mindset and work experience.
YO HR Consultancy is dedicated to providing hiring solutions at different levels and complexities. Our expertise has helped a large number of organisations find the right professional for their needs.