Engineering & Construction

The Construction industry in India consists of the Real estate as well as the Urban development segment. The Real estate segment covers residential, office, retail, hotels and leisure parks, among others. While Urban development segment broadly consists of sub-segments such as Water supply, Sanitation, Urban transport, Schools, and Healthcare. 

United Nations projects India’s population to be 1.64 Bn by 2047, of which nearly 0.82 Bn (~50%) shall be residing in urban areas. One of the leading recipients of FDI in the country; construction development sector inflows $26.38 Bn (April 2000- June 2023).

As of 2023, the construction sector in India employs approximately 71 million people, making it the second-largest employment generator in the country. This underscores the sector’s critical role in the nation’s economy and its potential to drive further economic growth source.

The future of India’s construction sector looks promising. According to a report by Knight Frank, the total number of jobs in the sector is expected to reach a staggering 100 million by 2030.

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