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Onsite Recruitment Services

The Onsite recruitment services of YO HR are custom-made solutions and we synchronize with clients to set-up effective HR strategies directly at the sites of their businesses. 

Hiring precious talent, as also effectively handling the payroll and all concerns related to human resources as per client requirement is our area of expertise and our recruiter team keeps in constant touch with the clients, should there arise any need for additional professionals with special qualifications. 

YO HR also manages the provision of candidates for different shifts to suit business requirements through its Onsite Recruitment Services Team for clients in many cities of India like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, etc.

Team Coordination

YO HR Onsite recruiter team coordinates with clients to understand their hiring requirements. It then develops tailor-made recruiting methodologies like walk-in interviews, on-campus hiring in leading educational institutions, conducting job fairs, etc., to employ formidable intellectual staff, who will work sincerely, efficiently and give their best to the client companies. 

Our Onsite recruiter team also works relentlessly towards improving the performances of the appointed staff and in changing their working strategies for the better. In turn, the clients will be rewarded with high returns on their investments when they post greater success in their businesses.



Attention To Detail

Our Onsite Recruitment Services team gives attention to detail while hiring employees at the client company’s site. The recruitment procedure is meticulously planned, with a vision to recruit all the deserving candidates who are the perfect fit for the job and who will work in unison as a contented team for the client company. Such an association between our Onsite Recruitment Team and the client will flourish for all the coming years, as the latter places its trust and responsibility on our onsite recruitment team.

In return, the Onsite Recruitment Team excels in its commitment by constantly keeping in touch with the client company. Once it depute the staff, it completes all the joining formalities, induction and introduction to the other colleagues, giving them a fair idea of their practical duties conforming to their job profiles, supervising their performances over a period of time and giving feedback while giving tips for up-gradation of their work; thus managing them efficiently at the client base.


Hence, if you wish to communicate with us for our Onsite Recruitment Services, we are forever at your assistance. Just give us a call, informing us about the exact nature of onsite recruitment that you have in mind and we will revert immediately with a proper HR strategic plan…and we promise that our association will always harvest good fruits!

Benefits of Onsite Recruitment Services to Companies



Onsite Recruitment Services

YO HR Onsite Recruitment Services offer well-qualified candidates with superior  proficiency as compared with those in the available online databases. The time and money required by companies for the entire hiring process is saved

Handles Payroll Functions

YO HR Solution Onsite Recruitment Team handles payroll functions as per client requirements




Conducts Interviews

It conducts walk-in interviews, on-campus hiring for companies as well



Increases Performance

Onsite Recruitment services increase client company’s effectiveness and output; hence it is the ultimate solution for outsourcing candidates